Digital doors

Client: Espresso Design

“Espresso Design have to achieve exceptionally high standards for our clients and we have the same expectations of the people we work with to enable our business. Glued have stepped up to the mark and
 we look forward to reaping the rewards of work with them as we progressively exit pandemic restrictions.”

Andrew Hamilton Barr, Director, Espresso Design

Context: Everyone had to find a new way of operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some did rather better at it than others. One of those was our client Espresso Design, interior designers described by The Sunday Times Style Magazine as offering ‘The world’s coolest kitchens.’.

Espresso Design concluded they needed a new way to communicate with clients and contractors – making themselves as accessible as possible regardless of the restrictions in place.

The requirement: Espresso Design were used to having easy and open communications with the contractors and architects with whom they delivered luxury interiors for clients. With the pandemic restrictions and concerns over spreading the virus a new way had to be found to maintain these relationships and over the longer term to forge new ones.

Espresso Design continued their efforts to deliver on-site and brought forward their plans for publishing virtual tours of their showrooms in Chelsea Harbour and Wandsworth. But how to keep in touch with the wider architectural and contracting community.

The outputs: In consultation with Espresso Design, Glued planned a series of email communications to be sent to Espresso Design’s own database of architects and contractors. The messages for which evolved as the circumstances did, with the announcement of their virtual tours ‘Our digital doors are open’, then moving onto when the showrooms were able to re-open and how visitor and client safety would be maintained.

During this programme of activity the opportunity to communicate with architects and contractors who weren’t aware of Espresso Design became apparent. Glued profiled and secured sample data for a GDPR compliant, bought-in list. The list was purchased and is regularly communicated with in parallel with Espresso Design’s list.

The results: Through their efforts and innovation Espresso Design have continued to trade successfully during 2020. Being able to bounce back into action each time restrictions were lifted.

With email communications hitting 30% open rates and in excess of 5% click-to- open rates engagement with architects and contractors has been encouraging. The opportunity to feed the Espresso Design sales pipeline is clear.