Need to make a mark?

Glued marketing.

Ever wondered why it’s called marketing? Of course it’s about taking things to market. At Glued we think it is also about making your mark in the markets you operate.

Fed-up of being seen as part of the furniture? Want recognition for your difference? Perhaps you underestimate the impact you have? Glued are here to make sure you get noticed

We are determined for our clients to stand-out from the crowd, so your unique selling point is clear and shared with your ideal customers.

And what does stand-out get you? Our clients would say it gets them understood and noticed; it gets them leads, sales and income; and it gets them margin, reputation and market share.

Glued help clients based in the West Midlands achieve standout by finding the real reason why people buy or choose what you have to offer– and who those people are. Knowing that ‘why’ allows us to design and write messaging that appeals to people who are not aware of you. Which gives us the content to use in the marketing channels which will reach your ideal customers or prospects.

Come to Glued for stand-out that will contribute to your business or organisational goals.

We want to know what truly makes a mark with your customers and prospects.

Your messaging shouldn’t just be about getting off the mark. It should be about marking out your territory; earning desire and driving leads and sales.

We want your marketing to be beyond a benchmark. We want it to disrupt the norms.

Customer insight

From an in-depth brief, through mystery shopping to depth interviews with customers. We are determined to get the richest understanding of the meanings and feelings that drive customers to choose a product or service. What it is about you that makes a mark with them. 

What is the reason that people choose to buy what you have to offer? Might that be less obvious than you think? Who are those people? Which of them make the best customers, clients or buyers?

With this understanding you are in a stronger position to catch their attention, win them over as customers and earn their loyalty.

Case Studies

Like to know more? Speak to Rob about the positive impact customer research findings have on organisations.

Brand and campaigns

Whether it’s for brand awareness, positioning or campaigns for lead generation, we love making your USP attractive, accessible and motivating. So your marketing leaves its mark.

We now know your ideal customers, clients or buyers and we know what will appeal to them. We are in a strong position to develop engaging and persuasive concepts to capture their attention and culture their interest.

Case Studies

Like to know more? Speak to David about how we can articulate your usp.


It could be in a web site, on social media or on the side of a bus. Finding the most cost-effective way of engaging with your prospective customers is the culmination of what we do. Seeing and monitoring commercial results and the return on investment is the ultimate in fulfilment for us, not just a benchmark.

Because we have understood who your ideal customers, clients or buyers are, finding the most cost-effective channels to reach them becomes self-selecting. The challenge is how best to use the concepts we have developed to have optimum impact through those channels.

So that your bottom line is improved, your sales increased, your leads flowing and your reputation flying.

Case Studies

Like to know more? Speak to David about some of the results we have achieved.