Successful business brands start with your people exchanging ideas and sharing a vision

David and Rob at Glued get your team talking about your business to uncover a shared passion. The results build a powerful brand that everyone can buy into: improving your business success. Businesses that invest in a brand can be two times more successful, explore why…


Think about it, you do exactly what your competition does. But what makes you unique is the way you do it. Your personality and identity. This part is you and only you. It’s more than just a logo, a name or a colour. It’s your core. That’s what people buy into and what motivates your staff. And that’s the difference you can keep close to you.


For us, it all comes down to your bottom line. So we uncover your stories, shape your business, and dream up powerful ways to go out and engage your audience to generate revenue. Because at the end of the day, every brand should create interstellar success.


We are creatives, conceptual thinkers, advisors, brand specialists and communication experts. Through insightful research, smart thinking and effective strategies, we make your brand shine.

We’ll uncover that one unique thing that could only be you: your core. From this we craft wonderful brand experiences people love to enjoy, and in so doing, generate business through an effective, results driven approach. Together we’ll make sure your customers and your business become the very best of friends.