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We boost the margin and sales of business brands. Often disruptors in their fields, we tell their powerful stories to communicate and market their valuable difference. Teams are more involved & productive, and customers & prospects more engaged. Giving your business more leverage to improve margin and sales.

Meet the partners at Glued





We dig deep in and around your organisation to find out what makes you valuably different. We find a way of expressing that compellingly so it engages staff and customers and attracts prospects and suppliers. 

We get your team talking about your business to uncover a shared passion. The results build a powerful brand that everyone can buy into: improving your business success. We do this using a range of techniques including insightful research, Insights workshops, brand development and marketing.

Our process

Our theory of why brand will help your business

We’ve created a branding methodology that’s designed to uncover the core of your business and bring it to life at whatever level is right for you. Some of our clients have well established brands and need a tactical graphic design solution. Others go right to the core of the organisation when cultural change is needed. Our process is designed around what you need: not a process set in stone.

Why should you work with us?

We’ll help you reach your goals: you’ll find us to be
honest with you, fun to work with, open minded and passionate about helping you create tools to make your organisation growwe’ll do this in three key ways:


How do we go about projects?

We’ll create marketing and branded toolkits
for you that do the following: 


What can we do for you?

We can work with you to deliver results at the heart of your organisation linking your culture to your brand through brand creation and marketing:

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