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Will City of Culture be sent to Coventry?

Our answer is yes it should be – but we have to admit the competition is stiff.

Swansea, Sunderland, Stoke-on-Trent and Paisley all have their merits. They all also have their own long standing challenges to address. Undoubtedly the bestowal of City of Culture provides an opportunity, not to be missed, to address such strategic issues.

Interestingly in many cases the issues are to do with perception, as proven by Glasgow in 1990 which has thrived since receiving European City of Culture status.

So that is why our money is on Coventry. The term ‘being sent to Coventry’ became universally used to describe deliberately ostracising someone. So much so that today the word ‘Coventry’ carries all that meaning, and more than, the original idiom did. The universality of that misconception is why we believe Coventry should win the bid for City of Culture.

This after all is one instance of effective branding – sadly to ill effect. We would like it turned to good effect and for Coventry to earn its rightful place in people’s perceptions as a vibrant, positive, progressive and original place to live, work and visit.

Good luck to Coventry 2021 bid for city of culture #thisisCoventry


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