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Why don’t the communicators communicate?


Surely that’s what they are there to do?

If communication is in your job title surely it will be the first thing on your agenda?

If communication is in your job description surely it should come naturally?

Actually isn’t communication pretty well everyone’s responsibility?

All of these things are true. But there is one essential element missing – and this was highlighted by Andy Street at Venturefest West Midlands last week at the NEC.

Andy was talking about the pivotal role communication can play in unifying the West Midlands to be the leading region behind the UK’s improved skills, productivity and competitiveness.

Andy’s point though was… “It is all very well charging communicators to communicate – but what story do they tell?”

Therein lies his challenge with the eclectic elements that make up the region. We, for sure, believe there is a unifying story.

We believe that because we find those inspirational narratives time-and-time again in the businesses we work for in the region.

By Rob Harrison

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