When the going gets tough, the tough get marketing!?

Your organisations may have been mothballed, or you may have been furloughed, or marketing may have taken a back seat.

Is now the time to get back in the race. Factories are re-opening, restaurants finding ways to deliver food and non-essential stores turning to click and collect.

Re-booting your marketing may well be the first step to take, perhaps even before your operation has started ‘production’. How else will your existing customers and prospects know you are back in operation?

How else will the sales funnel be refilled? How else can you keep up with or even step ahead of the competition?

In this socially distanced world one example of a proactive approach is email marketing – providing an accountable and ideal way of reaching out to customers and prospects.

Want to find out more? Click on the link below this for some guidance on using this Cinderella of the marketing world.