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Glued working with Iluminate to promoting mental health in the workplace

Mental health is now the perennial topic, but that doesn’t mean it is done and dusted. Being aware of it is plainly not enough to address anywhere near all the issues that arise around it. The services available to intervene struggle to keep up with demand and the default one-to-one approach makes keeping up with demand nigh-on impossible.Illuminate, the mental health specialists, are on a mission to have a positive effect on mental health in the workplace as a whole. Lisa Whittleton of Illuminate said “Providing organisations with the awareness, evidence-based practical skills and resources to prevent, address and signpost mental health issues means more people are able to benefit from one intervention than would benefit from one-to-one counselling. Lisa has seen first-hand the positive impacts these early interventions have at both an individual level in terms of happiness and job fulfilment, and an organisational level in terms of increased engagement and productivity.”

As part of this mission Illuminate are keen to grow and fill their capacity to work with employers in the Midlands to prevent, act-on and advise on addressing mental health issues amongst their workforce. This is why they have taken a proactive approach to seeking new business and associates. To that end they have partnered with Glued, the business-to-business brand and marketing specialists. Together they have incisively expressed what Illuminate offer and put together an online campaign to generate enquiries from the businesses most likely to benefit from interventions.

Rob Harrison of Glued said “We already have an involvement with addressing mental health issues and to be part of this ambitious drive to widen impact fits beautifully with our values and beliefs.”

If you want to know more about having a wider positive impact on mental health contact Lisa Whittleton,, 07784558552 – visit the Illuminate website

If you are keen to tell your story and get your message out there contact Rob Harrison,