Some of the things we do

External research

Want to know why your customers buy from you or what they really think? Our external research discovers the authentic facts.

Staff engagement

We talk to your staff to help them engage with your plans. We get feedback in a fun and relaxed way to build loyalty in your organisation.

DIY Glued

We run fun half day workshops to help you on the way to building a powerful story for your business. This is ideal for startups or businesses that want to take time out to reflect.


It’s not easy running a business. Our experience shows that the way to face those challenges with vigour comes from within you and your people.

Logo & brand creation

The logo is the starting point for many businesses or business changes. We work with start-ups through to established businesses to give them a running start or to boost the story they tell.   

Brand stories

Many of our clients already have an established identity but it could deliver more. Our discovery phase gives us all we need to tell your amazing story powerfully, engagingly and compellingly. Bringing power to your brand.


Often confused with ‘your brand’ your website is a critical tool in shaping perceptions of who you are and how and why you do what you do. Imagine what it can do for you when driven by your powerful story.

Marketing campaigns

If it’s leads for boosting sales you are after we are adept at planning and managing multi-channel campaigns that deliver. We all want effective campaigns but what Glued want is your powerful story to drive results beyond industry standards.

Marketing collateral

A powerful story is most effective when it is consistently expressed in all your marketing and communications. Accompanied by creative brand guidelines we can ensure your message will impress whether it is in video, brochures, leaflets, banners or sometimes… you just need a ‘thing’ with no strategy or concept attached and we can get your story across there too.


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