Outsourcing talent sticks for Glued Agency

We’re sticking to our guns when it comes to outsourcing new talent to support our growth.

Outsourcing talent sticks for Glued Agency
Pictured: The Glued team has expanded their service offerings and team using outsourced talent to support the growth of the business.
L-R (standing) Phil Ingle, Rob Harrison, Sue Sanders (seated) David Wilson, Cathy Wassell and Ruby Edwards.

Partners David Wilson and Rob Harrison on boarded 4 new team members via outsourcing rather than recruiting employees when looking to expand when Covid hit.

Rob explains: “Outsourcing talent is the future of our business. Since Covid, there’s been a real challenge to recruit and we rose to it by outsourcing our team. In some ways, the pandemic has made it easier to engage virtually over Zoom and Skype, and we relished the opportunity to move forward using the virtual World.”

The outsourced team of 4 are: Cathy Wassell: Social media expert, Ruby Edwards, Public Relations specialist, Sue Sanders, Virtual Assistant and Phil Ingle, Financial Trainer. Together, the additional talent will allow Glued to grow their services in line with demand.

David adds: “Before this photo was taken, Rob and I had only met 2 of our 4 new team members in person. Outsourcing (and virtual outsourcing at that!) has worked for glued and we wonder if it might work for other businesses too?”

Glued have seen sales almost double since the pandemic hit and look forward to a less sticky recruitment challenge with their outsourcing of talent.

As seen online at the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.