Keder ask Glued Agency to respond to the changing climate

Keder Greenhouse Ltd manufacture market-leading greenhouses and have looked to Glued to support their sustainable future.

CAPTION: From right to left: Colin Moore, CEO of Keder Greenhouses and Rob Harrison, Glued Limited standing in front Keder Greenhouses that are going strong after over two decades use.

Together with our help, Keder are committed to the increasing demand for greenhouses that can withstand our changing climate.

Currently, Keder build the best and strongest greenhouses available in the UK today. They’re designed and created to bring the best growing environment for crops and plants. But with new orders coming from hobbyist and committed domestic gardeners, Keder were keen to find out the real reasons why.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels – or any other hedge plants – Keder Greenhouses have invested in independent research by Glued to get a true understanding. Glued are conducting semi-depth conversations with a range of Keder customers from across the UK and even in France.

With our backing, Keder promise to respond to the shifts in our current climate and the interest in self-sufficiency, coming out of the pandemic, to support a sustainable future for gardeners wishing to extend their growing season and increase their yields.

Colin Moore, CEO of Keder, says: “Our commitment to a changing climate means we are looking for innovative ways to combat challenging growing environments and are delighted to have Glued on board to support us. We really want to understand our market and innovate to support people who wish to continue to grow in environments with challenging weather. We aim to create a solution for the sustainable future of greenhousing.”

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