Is the B2B economy beginning to motor again?

We know things are very difficult for many individuals, businesses and sectors. But we do believe if we start by looking at things from a positive standpoint, progress is going to be more likely than if we focus on the downsides.

With this in mind, is there evidence of the business-to-business side of the economy experiencing an ‘up-tick’? We were fortunate that for us things improved during the gap between the two lockdowns. They did then fall back again, at the very beginning of the current lockdown.

In the past two weeks we have received a higher number of new business opportunities, several of which have already gone live. This is unusual for November at the best of times.

Here is an outline of what has been initiated recently:

  • Renaming and rebranding project for a national name in out-of-home communications
  • Email and social media marketing for a consultancy business focused on Primary Care
  • Filming and photography for a commercial property business
  • Brand architecture and websites for a business providing IT, Care and Engineering apprenticeships.
  • Rebranding of a leadership coach proposition
  • Marketing communications support for an IT services business
  • Proposition and campaign development for a skincare clinic
  • Email marketing and research for a leadership consultancy business focused on membership organisations
  • Email marketing and event recruitment for a business focused on organisational mental health

Are these businesses saying ‘We aren’t going to let this lockdown get in the way of our plans.’?

Corona-coaster: lockdowns to vaccines: how can 2021 be a success for your business brand?