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Chamber networks work

Two members of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce have recently discovered the genuine value of networking

Career Mums, run by Sally Dhillon and Nishi Mehta, is focused on harnessing the untapped talent amongst mothers returning to work. Whilst corporate members Glued, run by Rob Harrison and David Wilson, specialise in articulating organisational pride in brand to boost performance and sales.

Although they initially met networking outside of the chamber, it was through chamber events that they consolidated their understanding and trust in each other.

So when Sally and Nishi recognised an angle on their business that didn’t fit neatly into the Career Mums envelope they struck up a conversation with Glued to see how this new angle might be handled in marketing. The new proposition was not confined to returning mothers and concerned the use of an open attitude to diversity as a way of maximising the talent within teams as well as providing more choice when seeking new talent.

By taking a collaborative approach Career Mums and Glued devised a new product brand in the form of CM Talent. Career Mums selected from a diverse array of options for the design of the CM Talent logo. Glued also created the look, feel and artwork for the brochure to support marketing for the new service.

Glued were delighted when during a presentation at a recent Chamber Women in Business event Glued to be mentioned by Sally Dhillon in connection with the brand and literature.

To find out more about maximising the talent in your workforce contact Sally Dhillon on 0773 606 6262 OR if you are looking for impetus behind a new or neglected initiative contact Rob Harrison on 07787 557 197 or contact us 

Sally and Rob