A clear path to new consultations

“The combination of creative content, targeted profiling and effective tracking have provided a significant number of opportunities for me to follow.”

Ian Barratt, Owner Strategio

Context: With extensive experience as a leader and manager, Strategio
helps organisations and individuals understand what they want to achieve, develop their strategy and turn it into operational reality. Glued had worked with Strategio to develop brand messaging and a new website.

The requirement: Strategio has particular experience of working with membership organisations at a strategic level.The business wanted to make contact with membership organisations across the country. A regular campaign of engaging emails was needed which CEOs of those organisations would find helpful and relevant.  

The outputs: Glued’s profiling service provided a targeted database of  CEOs of membership organisations across the UK.  This GDPR compliant data was used to send regular email campaigns. This, together with Strategio’s current database was used to take significant portion of the audience from ignorance to familiarity with Strategio.

Strategio and Glued worked together to write a series of emails that the audience would find interesting and engaging.

The results: The average campaign open rate was high at 25% with a 20% click through rate to the Strategio website. This has give Strategio a rich source of prospects to contact for a consultation.