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30 September 2020 - 9.30-11.30am


Have your sales channels been limited by Covid-19? Looking for new or additional ways to engage with your customers and or prospects? Overlooked email marketing as an overused or out moded form of marketing and communications?

Glued have specifically written this workshop to encourage those just starting out on their email marketing journey. During the lockdown we recognised that this Cinderella discipline was coming into its own.

Rob Harrison and David Wilson of Glued will take you through some of the key facts and figures about the effectiveness of email marketing. They will also cover: key tips on list purchase; reviews of the main platforms; fitting email marketing into your sales process; creating, running and monitoring campaigns. Peppered into this learning will be interactive exercises on: how to profile a target email marketing list; writing engaging subject and head lines; and, selecting imagery that helps you say more than the sum of the parts.

You can just attend the workshop – which includes a workbook to take away and develop your thinking. Or you can ‘upgrade’ to workshop, workbook and post event consultation to support you in getting to your first email campaign theme OR list profile OR setting up your email platform.

Download your workbook by registering now.

The cost?

Two options:

£75 (including VAT) for a 90 minute interactive workshop and interactive PDF workbook for you to keep.

£99 (including VAT) for above PLUS a 1 hour consultation to develop your proposition following on from the workshop


Refund policy: 24 hours if you can't attend, minus the cost of the workbook which is £25 in both options. Prices include VAT.

What people say about our workshops

‘A brilliant opportunity to discuss ideas and approaches across a range of industries. It’s so easy for us to get stuck into our own niche areas, so it’s good to take a step back and look at the bigger universal picture (and also go networking!). A great chance to sharpen the branding and marketing tool set and drill down with the specialists at hand. The interaction and discussion format was strong and well delivered by Rob and David with excellent examples.’

Jon Farrington-Smith

Marketing Manager, Kingsley School

“Well structured and paced. Thought provoking with a ‘product’ at the end. Real added value to help me take my business forward.”

Ian Barratt

Owner, Strategio

‘Thought provoking – helped me realise that we are more “on pace” than “off pace” but have areas to improve and refine.

Has made me want to review some basics in terms of how we communicate our messages (and web site).

Wayne Jenkins

Marketing Manager, Wilson Browne

‘Great to get the mind working and to discuss things that I think about daily with other like-minded people.’

Dane Beckett

Group Marketing Manager, Charlton and Jenrick