Glued associates

Of course it is rarely just David and Rob that are solely responsible for delivering what Glued offer. You might be surprised at how many are involved in the Glued ‘operation’, and the variety of skills and specialisms applied. Below are our valued associates and a brief word on what they do with us. If you feel your name is missing please contact Rob Harrison at or on 01789 731 524.


Arcanum provide us with photography and design support.

Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

We work closely with the Chamber to develop relationships with businesses of all sizes. We run our Insight Workshops in partnership with the Chamber.

Alcester Chamber of Trade and Commerce

As Alcester is close to the home of one of our directors, Rob Harrison. It is also the home of a few of our clients and a place where Rob Harrison delivers mentoring to young people voluntarily. It makes sense for us to keep up with local matters by networking at Alcester Chamber of Trade and Commerce events.

Advent Communications

We work with Advent Communications as part fo a consortium of suppliers in support of one of our clients.

Buy My Print

Our partner for urgent and local digital, short run litho and large format print requirements.


We owe and share our home at The Warehouse in Leamington to the creative team at Imaginate.

Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise provide our bookkeeping and are getting us on track with our Kashflow online accounts system.

Coventry & Warwickshire Champions

We love our region and we're proud to be a CW Champion: going out each day telling people something great about doing business in Coventry and Warwickshire.


If you've seen us on social media its likely to be down to the team at Loxley. A lot of our social media strategy adventures start with Loxley.

Red Lemon

We've teamed up with Red Lemon to bring brands to life.

Midlands Business Network

Our conversations with new businesses often start at expo events run by Midlands Business Network.

Pat Spence

Pat supports us with detailed brand story-telling.