CASE STUDY: Quotidian Investments

‘Glued expressed what was unique about us in our marketing to help us achieve our growth objectives.’

Peter Richards, Partner, Quotidian Investments

    Context: Quotidian have been operating since 1998 managing clients wealth on a discretionary basis. The personal, hands on ethos of the organisation has delivered success over this time. Quotidian has been built on traditional values and ethics. The Quotidian brand has evolved overtime: the external brand story needed to reflect these values to differentiate the business from others in the sector. Quotidian wanted to take full advantage of winning a number of industry awards.

    The requirement: Quotidian came to Glued with a very personal way of working with clients and needed a new set of brand messages that would reflect these values online and through all communications. 

    The brand needed to reinforce the nature of the service that the experts at Quotidian provide to clients. A new website and advertising were developed to support a sales drive to attract high net worth individuals.

    For editing and flexibility WordPress provided and ideal CMS solution. The challenge was to use WordPress without being constrained by ‘me-too’ templates. 

    The output: Glued developed a range of visual messages that could be used in advertising and for the new website. Once these messages had been refined a brand refresh was undertaken to build on the awareness the brand already had and give it a platform to grow over the next few years. 

    A new website was built using the latest cloud technology, allowing the refreshed brand to be applied to a WordPress platform with ease and speed. 

    The results: Quotidian have been able to build on the awareness and awards success of the last few years. The website now communicates its values in a clear, updated way allowing Quotidian to confidently target high net worth individuals with a proposition that meets expectations of potential investors. 

    The Glued designs have been included as part of a showcase showing what can be achieved with WordPress.