‘It’s really exciting to be using the brand and I’ve had positive feedback from people in my network. Many thanks in your help and support in getting my business to this point – very much appreciated.’

Rachel Wade, Owner, Opt HR

    Using brand as a foundation for growth and success.

    Context: Our client had considered starting a business for some years. When the funds and the time needed to plan and set-up a new business were offered they were not to be rejected.

    The new business would be designed from the outset to be different from competitors in the marketplace and the ambition was to grow it through branches or franchises. The business plan was written, cash flow projected, networking underway and prospects identified.

    The requirement: Having gone to the effort to configure the business to meet a market need it only made sense to develop its identity in a way to express that and in a way to project the valuably different way that it would go about its business.

    Our client called us in to understand the motivation behind the business, the ambitions of its founder and the standards by which it was intended to run the business. This was conducted over two, one and a half hour, in-depth interviews.

    The outputs: Glued developed a range of names derived from some of the key motivators and objectives behind the business. Nineteen names were presented in ‘nominal’ logotypes to aid visualisation in the real world. This assisted with selecting three possible names to be researched at Companies House, for available URLs and UK trademarks. The process culminated in the selection of Opt HR.

    A spectrum of creative treatments and strap lines were developed for the Opt HR name. These were refined through feedback and debate. Ultimately a single treatment was approved and a landing page developed.

    The results: Opt HR were supplied with master files for the logo and were able to commission their own stationery and basic marketing materials from there.

    Opt HR has begun to gain traction in the local networking communities and two pieces of business have already been secured after just two months of operation.