CASE STUDY: 007 Taxis

‘It seems impossible to me to measure how branding benefits a business. What I can say is the brand and values development work Glued have done with us has not only delivered a great looking and meaningful way to communicate and market, it has also made a difference to the performance of my business. Our contract business has increased and our consumer business is far more fluid. Possibly the biggest difference has been the fact that the engagement has re-ignited my enthusiasm for the business.’

Richard Harvey, Chief Executive, Distinctive Taxis

    A well known taxi business in Stratford-upon-Avon needed to reinvent itself with a brand refresh and website.

    Context: Locally imposed regulation determined the use of wheelchair accessible vehicles. This undermined Distinctive Taxis long-term investment in a fleet of saloon based estate cards. This also took the wind out of the sails of the principals’ business ambition. As a consequence the business coasted. Without efforts to grow or maintain the customer base it began to be eroded.

    The requirement: Despite the depleted enthusiasm of the principals there was a realisation that as a bare minimum Distinctive Taxis needed a web presence. The interchange with Glued about the web site lead to a deeper conversation about motives for running the business and the need for it to have a plan for growth.

    The outputs: An in-depth meeting discovered the original and potential future motives for running the business. A debate enabled the connection of these motivations to the success of the business. These lead to a realisation that the business had a unique offering for the marketplace. The offer was then articulated to drive efforts and growth. This was symbolised in the 007 brand to market the business, guide behaviour and brand vehicles.

    The results: The 007 Brand is not only surviving but also thriving. Commercial and Public Sector contracts have increased. Driver morale is improved.

    Perhaps more importantly the interest and motivation of the principals has been resurrected.

    This has resulted in strategic business initiatives to not only provide branded wheelchair accessible vehicles but also a private hire offering. Further innovations are in development to show how the 007 brand is committed to conserving a key tourist destination.