What do your customers say when you are not in the room?


Oh to be a fly on the wall


“We get great feedback from our clients.”
“Clients would tell us if we weren’t doing a good job.”
“We always come out well in our survey.”

Are answers we often hear when we ask about the customer experience. But that is just it – none of those tell us what the client experience is. Nothing to help us highlight the most valuable aspects of what we do. Nothing to guide us to areas of improvement. Nothing to help us recognise that we are missing out on cross selling opportunities.

If asked by you a client responds “You guys did a great job. We’ll be back for more.” sounds ideal for a testimonial to go on your web site. But it doesn’t give the client the opportunity to make any suggestions about how the experience might be improved, or tell you if they know about the wider range of products or services you offer.

Most people are keen to avoid ‘upsetting the apple cart’, so if you do slip up in your delivery they are unlikely to volunteer anything unless it is something pretty serious. Which is probably where things end up if as the ‘little wrongs’ lead or add up to a pretty serious one.

Sharing a fixed series of closed questions or even questions with a dislike/neutral/like scale does not get to why people were satisfied or dissatisfied. Which if you did have helps focus on the things that work and the things that need working on to improve referrals and repeat sales.

So where are we getting to with this? Well it’s the notion of externally commissioned qualitative research. Where respondent’s identities are confidential. Where people can be open and honest. Where the researcher can follow lines of enquiry that reveal new perspectives and deeper seated experiences and reactions.

Perceptions and Proposition

We do this as part of ‘perceptions and proposition work’ on the lead up to developing brands. We also do it as a standalone exercise to not only improve performance but also to show clients we are listening, build relationships and open their mind to wider service and product offerings.

Here is not so trite quote from our clients about this service.

“We had not realised the depth of the investigation Glued would conduct. In turn, we now recognise the depth, quality and individuality of what we do. The narrative is a true reflection of us and it has not only become a part of how we communicate, but also buoyed our confidence.”

Client testimonial

Having just completed a customer research project for Risk Evolves we are delighted to share an audio testimonial from Helen Barge, Managing Director at Risk Evolves. Her words more succinctly and expressively convey the benefit that organisations can get out of customer research aside from its role for us as part of the story that goes to make up a brand narrative.

Below is a short audio recording with Rob Harrison, Consultancy Partner, Glued and Helen where she talks about the work Glued did for Risk Evolves.

Want to find out more?

Do give us a call if you want to find out how we go about doing this contact Rob Harrison, 07787 557197, robharrison@gluedlimited.co.uk.

Article by Rob Harrison