perceptions & proposition package

Glued perceptions & propositions package Perception is reality. Or at least our own perception is our own reality. How often have you heard customers surprised to hear you deliver a service with which you thought they were familiar? Or worse hear a client or prospect has just placed some work elsewhere which you are eminently suited to deliver for them? Which is why – how what we do is perceived, is so important to marketing and communications. Assuming how people perceive what we do is a recipe for repeated missed opportunities to win work and improve loyalty.

what's included...

brand proposition development

The message that we discover needing to be communicated is often not as straightforward to express as we would like. Which is why proposition development is part of this package of work.

senior team and staff research

This challenge is exacerbated by your familiarity with what you do or how you do it. Sub-consciously we may think what or how we do what we do goes without saying or is ordinary – and yet that may be the very reason why customers choose you. Qualitative internal research provides us with the bulk of the picture.

client research

Assuming how customers and prospects perceive us as well as what and how we do what we do. Understanding this through depth research provides us with the rest of the picture for our 360 degree view of you and your brand.

competitor research

Who are your competitors? They may not be who you expect. For instance 5 years ago who would have seen Amazon as a competitor to Netflix? How do we compare to competitors? How can we use marketing and communications messages to position you as not only different but more to the point… valuably different.

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