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Messaging to maximise brand awareness

Next event - 4 May 2022

If the current way of working is forcing or simply prompting you to re-think what your business is all about, this Zoom workshop could be just the thing for you. Brand specialists Rob Harrison and David Wilson of Glued will be running a 90 minute interactive session (using Zoom’s breakout rooms). You will be provided with resources prior to the session to use during the workshop to aid you in a meaningful review of what your offer is.

Using Simon Sinek’s ‘Why?’ and along with likeminded marketing professionals you will examine the ‘what, how and why’ of your business.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for business owners or senior marketing professionals who are having to grapple with significant changes in the markets in which they operate or/and in the way they have to operate.

What will you learn?

By digging deep you will reveal the emotive reasons why your business is successful and how you are motivated as part of that. You will work towards a compelling and succinct articulation of your business’s valuable difference.

What will the outcome be for you?

You will have the rationale and resources to put together a wide range of marketing materials and have a distinctive stance on a wide range of prevailing topics. From an elevator pitch, through digital messaging and conventional marketing tools.

The cost?

The workshop is FREE to attend. You can upgrade with the following options:

Interactive PDF workbook – get more from your session with a 7 page A4 workbook which you can use during the session to record your thoughts. The document has hint and tips to support your learning. £25 (including VAT)

Interactive PDF workbook plus 1 hour review of your proposition following on from the workshop. £50 (including VAT)


Refund policy: 24 hours if you can't attend.

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What people say about our workshop

"I really enjoyed the workshop earlier and appreciated the invite. Yourself and David were great presenters.

It was an excellent opportunity to set some time aside to step outside of the day-to-day, and look and why we do what we do. As marketing people we know that our own marketing often falls to the bottom of the to-do list, so I found real value in having that time set aside with guided exercises, with two people who obviously know what they are doing.

The breakout rooms were valuable as they allowed more time for the exchange of ideas.

I particularly enjoyed the HOW breakout room, because although the three businesses represented were quite different (a bookkeeper, a financial analyst, and me) our HOWs were very similar – basically holding our clients’ hands and guiding them through our processes without jargon.

The session gave me real food for thought."

Sarah Hickman

Public Marketing Communications

‘Thought provoking – helped me realise that we are more “on pace” than “off pace” but have areas to improve and refine.

Has made me want to review some basics in terms of how we communicate our messages (and web site).

Wayne Jenkins

Marketing Manager, Wilson Browne