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Location, location, location


Being in the right place at the right time. Be there or be square. There’s no place like home.

After 10 years in the same place having to leave somewhere, whether it is work or home, is going to be wrench – isn’t it?

Even harder if that place is an idyll. Bohemian and versatile. Overlooking a vineyard. With views of the Cotswold hills.

Harder again if the features of the place have been used to present your business, accommodate meetings and entertain clients.

It would be unsettling to leave.

When we learnt we would have to move on from our premises after 10 years, it was odd that we only felt threatened by it for a few hours. 

We soon turned to the opportunities it presented. Working in an urban environment would change the influences in our creative work. Potentially working with or in proximity to many other businesses would change the chemistry in our business. Operating where so many other businesses operate would surely present opportunities and not threats.

In years gone by we may have dwelt on the negatives but we didn’t. The reason – because we have a well developed sense of how we do what we do, why we do it and the positive difference it makes to our customers. 

On reflection this shines a light on a large part what we do too. It’s not just branding or marketing or design – it is also this well developed sense of self. Organisational confidence, if you like, which drives progress, contentment and problem solving.

So if your organisation deserves a boost to its confidence come and have a chat, or rather let’s meet and have a chat as we may be between premises at the time!

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