Warwickshire Events: the friendly bear

“Amazing work from this talented company, created just the right brand with a feel of confidence, inspiration, fun but professional”.

Graham Thomas, Warwickshire Events


Warwickshire Events required a brand and WordPress website to support a marketing drive and position the company as high end, targeting people arranging weddings and celebrations and event organisers at venues and those involved in hospitality.

The requirement: Warwickshire Events needed a fun, distinctive brand which would inspire customers about their
own events. The brand needed to show the business knows how to come up with something truly creative and suitable for events.

The outputs: Glued created a sophisticated yet playful brand using black and white which was applied to a striking website. A set of simple to follow brand guidelines will allow Warwickshire Events to grow the brand message over the coming months.

The results: Warwickshire is associated with a bear as its county symbol so this was the perfect visual cue to create a brand that was strong on personality and recognition. The bursts from the bear and its stance represent the fun nature of what the business does and its central UK location.

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