Walker Institute: Aligning perceptions for a new climate research organisation

‘Glued worked with us to develop our proposition, visual identity, our website and print material for the launch. Since then they have done a range of brochures and exhibition material for us. I can’t praise Glued highly enough. They quickly gained an understanding of our organisation, our stakeholders and our needs for the brand. They design beautiful material for us and provided a flexible website solution that has grown with us. Furthermore they often respond at very short notice and always make you feel like you are their only client! They are always incredibly professional, but also flexible, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with.’

Kathy Maskell, Walker Institute, Communications


Context: Prior to naming and formation the Walker Institute was an initiative of climate researchers, which had secured significant funding. The notion was to pool the efforts of the leading climate research organisations in the UK to improve the rate and depth of understanding of our climate. Their collaboration and joint findings would be used to inform and advise government and industry from a scientific perspective unaffected by prevailing pre-conceptions and prejudices.

The requirement: A name would be required which the members of the institute could identify and belong to.

The organisation would need a way to concisely convey its purpose and offer whilst also overcoming the popular sensationalisation of the climate. A strategy and materials for launching the organisation. A foundation for communication for the organisation as it grew and developed in scale and reputation.

The outputs: Interviews with stakeholders, influencers, potential members and partners to establish a rationale for naming and values.

Workshops with potential staff, members and partners to articulate a proposition for
the institute.

Vision, values and brand guidelines as a reference point for what the institute stands for, how it goes about its business and how it communicates.

The tactical tools required to launch and grow the institute.

The results: The Walker Institute was the name selected, named after Sir Gilbert Walker a pioneer in the understanding of the global climate and seasonal forecasting.

A proposition that firmly communicated the institute’s commitment to the hard science of climate change research and the potential benefits for our world – rather than focusing on the popular catastrophic view of climate change.

A set of guidelines to explain and show how the vision and values of the institute are symbolised by the brand look, feel and execution.

Graphic displays, PowerPoints, hand-outs and brochures for a launch event which featured the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and the University of Reading Vice Chancellor.

The Walker Institute has been operating for 10 years and is now considered the University of Reading’s flagship research centre.

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