Risk Evolves: the value in customer research

“The qualitative approach is key. We’ve always said that we want a long term relationship with a client and don’t see them as just another ‘transaction’. If we did a multiple choice Trustpilot / Google type review, that’s transactional. Taking the time to want to listen to their feedback, I think, shows that we value and want to invest in the relationship and aren’t taking it for granted.”

Helen Barge. Managing Director, Risk Evolves


Context As an ambitious and growing organisation in the field of risk management Risk Evolves need to demonstrate that they are achieving the same levels of compliance that they are encouraging and advising their clients to achieve.

To this end Risk Evolves ascribe to the ISO9001 standard. This determines that they must understand whether they meet the requirements of their clients.

What is more part of their strategy for growth is to be recognised as a thought leader in their field. As Helen Barge, MD of Risk Evolves says ‘We can only truly achieve that if we know that we’re not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.’

The requirement The challenge is, that getting that honest feedback is difficult. Survey responses are low and offer limited insight into how things can be improved. Internally conducted customer research is compromised by the mutual desire to ‘not to offend’.  So the independent and anonymous qualitative research that Glued offers looked like a suitable methodology for getting the information to not only meet the requirements of ISO9001 but also to monitor the progress towards exceeding client expectations.

The outputs Glued advised Risk Evolves on how to approach a cross section of clients and prepared a set of questions as the guide for questions. Glued gently approached the candidate respondents to set dates in the diary to have the conversation. At the appointed date Glued re-iterated the purpose of the call and the fact that the respondent’s feedback would be anonymous to allow for openness. The conversations were conducted in an open-ended manner allowing for exploration of unexpected topics and individual expression.

The results:

Glued collated the results into categories formed by the themes that arose and presented those to Risk Evolves covering:

  • Style of service
  • Level of Performance
  • Areas for improvement
  • Reason for choosing Risk Evolves
  • Quotes
  • Comparison to competitors
  • Would they recommend Risk Evolves and why

Risk Evolves has the evidence it needs for ISO9001, pointers on how to improve services and a rich source of testimonials which, subject to Glued securing specific approval to do so, can be attributed.

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