Context: KAJUL is a Midlands-based design development company that specialises in delivering innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions to meet demanding requirements. Kajul had proven that LinkedIn was providing a good source of leads for their unique engineering offering. Kajul identified the need for specific company related content that could fill their marketing on LinkedIn and bolster their web site.

The requirement: The need was plain, how to regularly identify ‘newsworthy’ content, get it written, published and promoted. Kajul already had an effective partner for posting on LinkedIn to their targeted connections and a versatile web site for publishing content. In conversation Rob Harrison, Consultancy Director at Glued and Karl Hamlin, Managing Director at Kajul worked out a way of ensuring quality content would be regularly produced.

The method: Glued and Kajul agreed to have a regular monthly accountability call in which candidate content could be discussed, researched and selected. Glued would then proceed to source any further research required and any accompanying imagery. Glued would then write the story, then seek changes and approval from Kajul. On approval and securing of an image Glued would publish the content on the Kajul web site and supply Sunflower Creative with a link to enable them to make a post on LinkedIn.

The results: Here comes the bit about the school gate… yes the tangible outputs are the story and image on the web site, the post on LinkedIn and the engagement which that earns. All this has led to conversations that have led to new business, which is a prize in itself.
However the start prize came form an unexpected angle.

A member of the team shared the LinkedIn story on their Facebook account. A few days later the same team member was approached by a fellow father at the school gate, who had seen the Facebook post. He said “I didn’t know you did jigs and fixtures?”. This led to an introduction to Karl Hamlin and ultimately to a new business relationship and additional sales.

The proof that marketing, and more to the point, social media can work in mysterious and yet understandable ways!

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