Risk Evolves: proposition development

‘We had not realised the depth of the investigation Glued would conduct. In turn, we now recognise the depth, quality and individuality of what we do. The narrative is a true reflection of us and it has not only become part of how we communicate, but also buoyed up our confidence.’

Helen Barge, Founder, Risk Evolves


Risk Evolves set out to provide a service for small and medium sized enterprises normally only available to corporates

As the business progressed, so the economic landscape and Risk Evolves’ proposition also evolved.

Having started out with a well-defined offer, the definition of what was being delivered no longer seemed to fit.

After 18 months of trading and delivery, Risk Evolves wanted to step back, review their offering and see how they were perceived by clients. This would then support the strategic development of the company for the next phase of growth.

The requirements: Defining what Risk Evolves delivers became the challenge for Glued.

We conducted an in-depth interview with the principals of the business and were given the authority to interview members of the team, associates, clients and suppliers.

All conversations investigated the motivations, meanings and feelings connected with the respondents’ engagement with Risk Evolves.

The outputs: Despite the volume and variety of responses, clear themes emerged.

Glued were able to summarise these themes in a draft narrative for discussion with the principles of Risk Evolves.

Once queries and issues arising had been addressed, Glued turned this draft into an emotive narrative, illustrated in text and images.

The results: Our interpretation of Risk Evolves has been embraced by the team, largely because team members were involved in its creation.

On a practical level, much of the language within the narrative is now incorporated into conversations and communications Risk Evolves uses to attract, win and retain business, staff and associates.

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