Real Conversations Work: Bringing teams together

“The biggest impact of working with Glued was building our brand and being able to refer prospects to our website knowing it tells our story”.

Sarah Tomson, Founder, Real Conversations Work

Real Conversations work

Context: Sarah Tomson had moved from the corporate HR world to start her own consultancy. During her career to date she has noticed that in many teams issues could arise when people weren’t able to have honest and frank conversations with each other. Every leader she’d met had something in common: they were all sitting on at least one tricky conversation that they were putting off having. Avoiding these conversations didn’t make the situation any better. 

The requirement: Sarah Tomson had been working with Glued to help shape this ‘why’ since starting Sarah Tomson Associates. Glued had developed a website and marketing for that brand over a few years. Now the business was ready to progress its proposition and brand to ‘Real Conversations Work’.

The outputs: Before this rebrand Glued had created a brand look and feel based around a set of emojis that helped to visually communicate this real conversation concept. 

For the rebrand this style needed to be incorporated so that it was distinctive to the business. The colours from the original brand were retained and a new logotype created which tied the emojis into the visual brand. 

The new brand was then applied to an updated WordPress site which Glued had created together with social media and digital assets.

The results: A fresh, fun brand was created that has given the business a brand that helps to visually explain what is valuably different about the offer.

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