Purple Monster – Seeing the wood

“There’s no doubt we have a clearer view of our future and the part we can all play in that. Now we need to share that new-found self-belief and confidence with our prospects and clients. I am pleased to say that Glued are working with us to express that.”

Alan Heap, Founder, Purple Monster


Context: Personally and commercially, it is part of the human condition to get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we focus on the task, rather than what we hope to achieve. This is known as ‘not seeing the wood for the trees’. 

Purple Monster, experts in engaging people, realised they may have got to this point. They were dedicated to the challenges and high standards of the corporate world, resulting in a cycle of feast and famine, with the accompanying stress and disharmony that brings.

The requirement: Purple Monster were determined to flatten out this disruptive cycle, recognising the way to do this was to introduce a consistent programme of new business. Up until now, business had been secured through referrals. Consequently, there had never been a need to express what Purple Monster actually does, the extraordinary techniques used and the results achieved. Nor had a strategy been developed to identify, target and sell to ideal prospects.

The outputs: In collaboration with Glued, a programme of interviews, workshops and creative development was implemented. The objective was to understand the core of what Purple Monster does, how and why it does it. Glued distilled this into an expression of their mission, vision and values, setting Purple Monster apart from both competitors.

The results: Experts at telling other people’s stories, Purple Monster had not got around to telling their own. Now sense could be made of the global/local way in which they operate and a path for stability and growth plotted. This has resulted in a revitalised passion for what they do and how they do it, focusing on the raw materials for creating and presenting their offer to existing and new markets. 

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