Loxley Business Support

“Glued’s process challenged me to look hard at what we did and why it benefited clients. The resulting brand completely reflects what we do”.

Clare Williams, Loxley Business Support


Loxley Business Support came to Glued knowing they needed to grow  the business but didn’t know what that might look like. Through our insight process we helped Loxley to discover what was unique  about the offer they had.

The requirement: Glued were asked to objectively research Loxley proposition using our insight process  to uncover the valuable difference. The narrative that evolved would be  used as the core proposition of a  refreshed brand and applied to a new website and online messaging.

The outputs: Glued created a refreshed brand that reflected the personality of the Loxley offer, balancing a professional message with a fresh way of communicating. The new brand was applied to print and screen communications including a WordPress website.

The results: Having an effective messaging framework to communicate the proposition through has given Loxley the confidence to grow the services they offer, by standing out in a busy market place with a brand that reflects how they approach strategy.

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