BIPC Worcestershire: Helping Worcestershire thrive

“Glued supported BIPC Worcestershire raise awareness and deliver an effective webinar and coaching programme. They were able to adapt the process to help us learn what works best to deliver results.”

Jo Hemley, Business Engagement Manager, BIPC  Worcestershire

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Context: Worcestershire Libraries had partnered with the British Library to open a Business & IP Centre in Worcestershire to support business recovery and growth in the county. The national network offers, people thinking of starting a business and those organisations of up to four years, fully funded programmes and support to thrive. 

The requirement: BIPC Worcestershire needed to raise its local profile and launch a range of webinars under the Reset. Restart umbrella covering business planning, brand, marketing and financial planning. With the pandemic keeping libraries closed a paid social media awareness campaign would be needed to help recruit to the webinars and one-to-one consultations.  

The outputs: For the social media campaign the first step was to profile the correct audience and then find challenges to connect with them. Social media targeting quickly generated engagement and click through to the website and webinar Eventbrite pages but didn’t alone deliver the bookings to fill all dates for the webinars: additional techniques would be required. Glued purchased a GDPR compliant list of recently formed businesses in Worcestershire and a campaign of Email Marketing was started. This together with some targeted telesales calls filled the webinars and helped with the general awareness raising. 

Throughout the process Glued worked with the central British Library brand team to deliver on-brand messages.

The results: Through social media over two thousand people visited the BIPC website or Eventbrite pages increasing awareness significantly. 

Through the Reset. Restart programme 50 people completed the course and 31 consultations were conducted.

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