Birmingham Newman University: helping people achieve

“Glued’s campaign theme helped to improve our local brand awareness and communicate the values of the University. The monitoring and adjustment of the campaign delivered good value for money and excellent results”

Alison John, Marketing Manager, Birmingham Newman University


Context: Birmingham Newman University wanted to build its brand awareness and applications from its local catchment in Birmingham. The University approached Glued to assist with a through-the-line campaign to build awareness with a mature audience. They might be wishing to change direction as a result of the pandemic but have commitments that studying would have to work around. 

The requirement: Birmingham Newman University has a reputation for a great student experience with its small teaching groups and friendly campus. Glued were asked to come up with a campaign theme that could run across paid social media, direct mail and out-of-home advertising. The campaign needed to appeal to people who may have finished studying many years ago or wanted to have a career change. 

The outputs: ‘You don’t have to go far to get far’ was the resulting campaign theme that could be used as an overarching theme for all channels. It was aspirational and reinforced the local focus. This campaign theme was applied to a paid Facebook / Instagram campaign, out-of-home advertising and a local door drop. 

To ensure the impact of the campaign could be tracked QR codes, Google Analytics and Facebook’s Business  Manager were used to monitor, adjust and report on the campaign.  

The results: Applications to the University are up with visits to the campaign website landing page totalling 580 over a 10 week campaign thanks to the Facebook campaign. Through a process of review and refinement updated creative was introduced throughout the campaign to keep the cost per click low: in fact the average cost of was kept significantly lower than similar Newman campaigns at £2.41.

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