GW Consulting International: Improving reputation

“Glued produced a very professional set of Office templates that our team have found an invaluable tool. They have helped us improve our sales process and success.”

Graham Welland, CEO GWCI


Context: GW Consulting International (GWCI) help clients understand the potential business risks of international trade allowing them to take a proactive approach to protect and enhance brand reputation.

The requirement: GWCI required a toolkit of presentation and report templates that are professional in style. They also needed to be produced in Microsoft Office® format to allow an international team to prepare reports and proposals to GWCI’s clients.

The outputs: A number of templates were created for different stages of the sales process: a top level PowerPoint sales template; Word templates covering Reputational Damage reports; and, a longer in-depth report. In all instances the templates were designed with image masks to allow non-designers to include appropriate images without the need for expert knowledge of image editing software.

Glued produced a set of video guides for GWCI staff to be able to work with the templates and get the most from some of the features built into the toolkit.

The results: The templates created have allowed the GWCI team to produce reports in a format they are familiar with, without the need for a high level of design skills. They have been able to focus time on content and client development rather than agonising over formatting documents into something that is consistently high quality in design. The result is a more lean business that can attract and win new clients.

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