Grey Wolf IP: innovative with a guardian of innovation

“Using AI generated images to visually represent the brand brought to life the vision and values work that Glued created: the end result ”

Phil Sanger, GreyWolf IP


Context: Following a significant professional and personal reset Phil Sanger, founder of GreyWolf IP, concluded time had come to grow his IP business. This would mean concerted marketing. Something that the establishment of GreyWolf IP had not required, having benefited from long standing relationships and reputation.

In presenting GreyWolf IP to the‘open’ market Phil was keen to more meaningfully express what GreyWolf IP stood for and why it made a valuable difference to clients.

Assuming what this should be, was not in the nature of a Phil’s engineering heritage.

Having met Glued some years early in the establishment of his first successful IP business Phil recognised the fit in their research based approach.

The requirement: In consultation with Glued Phil agreed a programme of work which to date has included: qualitative research with GreyWolf IP clients; an articulation of the GreyWolf IP brand; a website; updated brand guidelines and resources.

The outputs: Amongst the client base Glued found a depth of value offered by GreyWolf IP which made for rich mission, vision and professional values. GreyWolf IP clients also confirmed their encouragement of Phil in his desire to grow along with some wise words of how to avoid pains in doing so.

Drawing on the research Glued were able to write an engaging and meaningful brand story. This formed the creative brief for developing the GreyWolf IP website. Inspiring the idea of using images created by artificial intelligence. The initial vibrant visuals for this concept were well received. Through developments with Phil a final set of images were generated by AI and used throughout the website and resources.

The results: Glued were enthused by Phil’s creations and used these as the foundation for replacement images throughout the growing web site. The result is a site that both GreyWolf IP and Glued are proud of co-creating. An embodiment of the GreyWolf IP approach and of one of Glued’s values ‘a good idea doesn’t mind who had it’.

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