Exact Logistics: efficiency on every level

“Our German clients love it. For our team it’s a great reference point and has become a useful sales tool.”

Adam Shuter, Joint Managing Director, Exact Logistics


Context: Exact Logistics started in 2009, quickly expanding to become a trusted logistics partner as part of a network of logistics businesses. During the growth of the business they developed an expertise in working with German customers as a UK final mile partner. The logistics business requires investment in systems, processes and facilities. Exact Logistics wanted to develop ways of communicating their difference to current and future customers.

The requirement: Exact Logistics realised that the way they work with customers following the highest level of standards could be the cornerstone of its brand. They could see this point of difference could be used to engage and retain current customers and develop new relationships. They needed a way to demonstrate the systems and processes to a growing German and wider European market. The German market in particular demanded a high level of documented processes in a structured yet easy to access way.

The output: In collaboration with Glued, a manual was developed that would act on a number of levels to address these needs. Firstly, is could be a comprehensive guide to all systems and processes that Exact Logistics follow. This could be used by staff internally as a reference point. Secondly, it was to be sent out to customers for them to understand what to expect from Exact and how all processes worked. Thirdly it formed a perfect tool to demonstrate to new or potential customers that Exact Logistics claims of following high standards was based in fact. As a result a 42 page manual was produced which used colour coding, illustration and short text to create an accessible manual, one which in time can be translated into our languages.

The results: The manual has become a key part of the sales process for Exact Logistics. This has allowed them to cement their position as an expert in logistics. Feedback from clients has been very positive and it has led to a stronger bond in many European contracts.

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