“The containers look really great and feedback from colleagues has been extremely positive. I know this was an ‘unusual’ job for you but I think the results are fantastic.”

Louise Ciaravella, European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) Aston University


The European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) at Aston University approached Glued to develop a way of branding a transportable lab that would be traveling around North-West Europe, evaluating sustainable sources of bioenergy.

Simplifying a complex concept

The requirement: The two Pyrofab labs were specially built inside two transporter containers and would be loaded onto lorries while traveling around Europe. The labs needed to provide visitors with information that explained the complex technology in a non-technical way.

The output: Glued developed information graphics that were transferred directly onto the sides of the labs. They were kept simple in order to communicates key information, with icons to represent more complex areas. The same look  and feel was applied to literature supporting the project. Extra graphics were created that could be hooked to the outer sides of the containers when they reached their location.

The results: The Pyrofab containers have travelled all over Europe bringing the technology to many communities. By branding the containers, a wider audience became aware of this ground breaking technology.

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