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Brands are not required in business-to-business?

Only consumers fall for brands


When we think about successful brands, certain companies spring to mind… Apple, Dolce & Gabbana, Waitrose. And so the list goes on. Rarely do we think of PWC, Xerox or Sage.

But we’re all consumers, aren’t we? 

Do we turn off our ‘gut feel’ when we arrive at work and ‘switch off’ our rational selection when we leave?

Of course not.

We hear it often enough, but it is scientifically proven that even in the workplace emotions play a part in purchasing decisions. We believe this is related to another commonly heard phrase: ‘people buy from people’.

These factors often interfere with business purchasing decisions otherwise governed by strict rational criteria. There is some sense in this, as working relationships between people and organisations that get on tend to run more smoothly than those between parties who are forced together.

One wonders if the failed government contracts we hear about have been over-governed by strict rational criteria, resulting in a match made in hell or at least one encumbered by misunderstandings, consequential re-working, delays and blown budgets.

Perhaps if we could find a way of accounting for these emotional aspects of decision-making, tendering might be a more effective process and business relationships work more harmoniously.

Tendering aside, we know that honestly and ambitiously portrayed business brands will win out if other parameters such as price and quality follow suit. And where they don’t, it is often because the organisations wouldn’t be suited in the first place.


Here at Glued, we are adept at expressing the personality of an organisation and incorporating the message into the emotional reasons why prospects might buy into your offer.

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