Tips for dealing with the challenges of change for your business

Can your business brand play a key role in dealing with change?

With recent events and everyones life being turned on its head uncertainty is very much at the forefront of everyones mind. As we all know change can be very disruptive: people can be encouraged, enthusiastic, in denial, angry, confused and so on: all completely normal responses to change.


But can your business brand really help you with coping with this. Well as a branding expert I would of course say yes: your brand can help you remind your customers and your staff why your business is so special, what it values and why its so different to your competitors. How you communicate now can help bring your staff together at this challenging time.

For a business change can present opportunities and dangers: for most of us at the moment we may be mostly focusing on the negative. During this period of uncertainty we all need things to hold on to, things that appear to be normal and familiar.

Most organisations will have a vision for the future, a mission statement and values, and now some of that may be seen to be in question. But reminding yourself, your staff, and your customers what you stand for can be a really powerful way of keeping everyone together. This is where your business brand can be such a powerful tool to keep your organisation stuck together


Of course during these challenging times, our own name has actually become even more useful to helping us to reflect on why we do what we do. We're Glued and we believe that a brand can help bring your customers and staff together.

That's why for now we've created a new strapline to our logo which reinforces this sticking together mindset which we all need for our families, our friends, our staff and our customers. Of course for Glued we're observing the governments instruction for social distancing. But being distant doesn't mean we can't stick together. For instance we've all really started to embrace video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype like never before.

Change curve

What does your organisation value at its core?

Things it does everyday can be a way of dealing with change. The direction of the organisation may need to be reviewed but if you can tie why you do to what you do, you are likely to see that your future can still be bright.

What your business was passionate about a week or so ago it will still be passionate about tomorrow and that is at the core of your business brand.

So over the next few days and weeks think about the following:

  • Listen to your staff and get them to ask questions about change
  • Ask them to think about what makes your organisation great
  • Give them encouragement to discuss uncomfortable issues about the change
  • Use your vision for your business as a corner stone for direction
  • Bring your vision to life for your staff and customers by visually communicating it in a clear and exciting way.
  • Keep people up-to-date with what steps you may need to take
  • Try and get them excited in any future opportunities you might see

Where we find a fit with businesses we work through a process that addresses issues of change such as those outlined above. Staff and teams can air views in a confidential way to a third party. Those concerns are then reviewed, debated and a refined shared vision for working together can be communicated to your staff and customers: this is where we believe brand can be such a powerful business tool.

You can find out a bit more about the change curve by visiting this page:

If you'd like to chat about how brand could help your business why not drop me a line, my contact details are shown at the top of this page.


Article by David Wilson