Lessons the ‘new normal’ can teach us about communications

Is the ‘new normal’ before its time?

I don’t mean we are not ready for the ‘new normal’ or that we are still in the ‘recoil’ stage of the pandemic crisis. What I do mean is that the notion of the ‘new normal’ has been around for so long now, can we truly benefit from its valuable meaning?

As the world and communications have moved at an increasingly fast pace so it seems we have been all the more keen to predict what the future holds. For instance, our attempts to second guess Y2K, the banking crisis and Brexit. What I think these show is that we try to express what the outcome is going to be in a soundbite. One that may have genuine meaning or value. But that soundbite is so overused prior to the outcome it passes into vernacular. Losing the beneficial meaning it might have to assist with dealing with the outcomes.

Not wishing to create a soundbite, but in short – they become clichés before they have happened.

Take the ‘new normal’ it has been banded about liberally now, including by us. It could have helped us understand that the ‘new normal’ is something we are going to have to gradually evolve – since normality, habits and the like take some time to establish themselves.

Instead it has become such common parlance that it seems like we have already achieved it, or that achieving will be like flicking switch.

What is the lesson for people in the media and marketing? I think there could be several...

  • Recognise the power of clichés to communicate.
  • Avoid clichés if they are going to devalue meaning.
  • Use an understanding of soundbites to keep your thinking and communication ahead of the curve.
  • Use soundbites and clichés to uncover deeper meaning.

For instance we are soon to draw on a soundbite from 450 years ago to inspire some creative work we are developing. Namely ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Although its origin and meaning are debated we will be able to derive significant meaning from it. Keep an eye on our portfolio pages to see more.

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Article by Rob Harrison

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