Is your marketing accountable and effective?

We often hear from prospects of ours that they have tried marketing, but it didn't work for them. And yet there is still a frustration that they are not achieving the growth that they want or getting the recognition they deserve. Whilst relying on referrals and incoming enquiries can work for some businesses that is not always the case, nor is it the case all of the time. So how else are we to increase awareness or demand other than through some form of marketing communications. Here are three common reasons we have found why an investment in marketing does not reap a reward.


The activity is isolated

"We've tried email marketing but sales didn't increase?" We would never suggest email marketing on its own. Unless offering something highly desirable and targeted, at the very least those that click will need calling. Ideally the email marketing will be part of a sales and marketing process that takes the prospect on a journey from knowing your business to being a customer. Perhaps involving social media, live events and telephoning


The activity is not sustained

"We did it for a month but nothing came of it." Sadly you have to 'earn your spurs' in marketing. First off your prospect may not know you. Even if they do they may not understand why they should be interested in you. When they have established an interest how do we turn that into desire? Finally how can we prompt them to turn that desire into action? This is not the work of a month when we are reliant on almost chance encounters.


The desirability is not established

"We can't seem to get our point across." There is usually one of two issues here. Either we are so wrapped up in what we do, we lose sight of what our prospects experience as valuably different about what or and how we do what we do. Or we are not understanding why our customers choose us rather than our competitors or some other way to spend their money.

About Glued

Glued is a marketing and branding business based in the West Midlands. We find that many of our clients can get fast results from Email marketing campaigns with qualified data included. As marketing and branding experts we use this data to create engaging, thought provoking content to support organisations sales and marketing process.

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Article by Rob Harrison